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Progressive Retinal Atrophy ( PRA prcd)
Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) as an inherited disease occurs in many dog breeds and also in different forms. The form of progressive rod-cone degeneration (prcd-PRA) is a photoreceptor degeneration in dogs with varying ages of onset. This genetic disorder causes the degeneration of retinal cells in the eye: firstly, rod cells are affected, thus leading to progressive night blindness. Secondly, degeneration of the cone cells results in complete blindness of the dog, even in full light situations during the day.

Age of onset of clinical symptoms is typically in early adolescence or early adulthood. However, the onset of the disease may vary among different dog breeds.

Since diagnosis of retinal diseases in dogs may prove difficult, the genetic test on prcd-PRA helps to diagnose a specific disease and is also a useful tool for breeders to eliminate the mutated gene from the dog population.

Trait of Inheritance
The mutation in the PRCD gene which has been suggested to cause prcd-PRA has recently been published by the group of Gustavo D. Aguirre at the University of Pennsylvania, USA, and could be found in several dog breeds. Prcd-PRA is inherited as an autosomal recessive trait. So there are three conditions a dog can be: it can be clear (genotype N/N or homozygous normal) meaning that it does not carry the mutation and will not develop the prcd-form of PRA. Since it also cannot pass the mutation onto its offspring, it can be mated to any other dog.
A dog which has one copy of the PRCD gene with the mutation and one copy without the mutation is called a carrier or heterozygous (genotype N/PRA); while it will not be affected by prcd-PRA, it can pass the mutation onto its offspring and should therefore only be mated to clear dogs. Dogs that develop this form of PRA have two PRCD gene copies with the mutation (genotype PRA/PRA or homozygous affected); they will always pass the mutated gene onto their offspring and should also be mated only to clear dogs..

Sample Requirements
Whole blood in EDTA tube (0.5 - 1 ml) or Buccal Swabs.

DNA test is available at LABOKLIN (UK), please visit: for further information
Micky_Conyers85d on October 15 2009 15:28:10
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Micky_Conyers85d on October 15 2009 15:48:13
Hi Guys, I am newbie in the internet stuff and I dont know if I am writing on correct board on this website. I
have got problem with activating my account. I received email but when I click on the link it was not working, is this link is correct? keyword,
Micky_Conyers85d on October 15 2009 17:59:20
Hi Guys, I am newbie in the internet stuff and I dont know if I am writing on correct board on this website. I
have got problem with activating my account. I received email but when I click on the link it was not working, is this link is correct? keyword,
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Micky_Conyers85d on November 08 2009 11:36:35
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Micky_Conyers85d on November 08 2009 11:48:43
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Micky_Conyers85d on November 11 2009 03:03:18
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Micky_Conyers85d on November 11 2009 03:37:03
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Micky_Conyers85d on November 14 2009 19:10:19
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Micky_Conyers85d on November 15 2009 01:02:09
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